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Contract Manufacturing

Laserfab have, for many years, had contract manufacturing agreements in place with their blue chip customers. As a result of this agreement, the client does not have to maintain manufacturing facilities, purchase raw materials or hire labour to produce finished goods.

At Laserfab, a large part of our competitive advantage is our ability to fabricate complex machine parts and also provide the final assembly solution all under one roof. We offer both the capacity and capability to detail, fabricate, assemble and paint machines of any complexity.

Contract manufacturing is of benefit to both parties. For the client there is no need to budget for purchasing, stocking goods, investment in new equipment etc.

For the manufacturer there is the guarantee of having contracts in place for one, two or even five year periods, resulting in certain levels of production, making it much easier to forecast results.

Laserfab have found that contract manufacturing translates well into many different industries and our purpose built factory provides 10,000 sq metres of assembly floor and a 5 ton lifting capacity - everything in one place to fulfil contracts of any scale.

Whether your assembly includes intricate components or is just simple mechanics, we can provide>

What are the advantages of integrating the fabrication and assembly elements of a contract?

Improved quality controls as all elements are managed by us, a faster overall turnaround, only one supplier means fewer logistics involved and less to worry about and reduced transport costs to name just a few.

Crack & crevice free welding

Crack & crevice free welding

this will achieve a crack and crevice free finish, invaluable for parts that will need frequent cleaning.
Precision Cutting

Precision Cutting

High levels of accuracy - holding tolerances to ±0.1mm
Tube and Box Section Cutting

Tube and Box Section Cutting

Cutting of holes/slots or other shapes through 360°
Sheet Cutting

Sheet Cutting

Fast and accurate cutting and profiling of sheet metal to 25mm thick.


Mild Steel



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Laser Cutting

Trumpf L3040 6kw - 4m x 2m

Trumpf L5030 6kw - 3m x 1.5m

Laser Profiling & Rotary Axis



4m x 250 tonnes x 4 axis

4m x 320 tonnes x 6 axis

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Wide range of materials

Maximum lifting capacity of 5 tons