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Hydraulic press brakes

Air Bending Press Brakes - for maximum control. Using air bending technology, Laserfab hydraulic press brakes have the capability to bend materials up to 4 metres long and to a thickness of 10mm. Fitted with a 6 axis function, they are capable of bending complex components.

We have two press brakes which operate using a high degree of technical accuracy to the following specifications:

  • 4m x 250 tonnes x 4 axis 
  • 4m x 320 tonnes x 6 axis

Click Here to view mild steel and stainless steel Air Bending Tonnage charts.


What are the advantages of using Laserfab's skilled press brake operators?

Press Brakes are highly technical pieces of equipment and as with all our services we strive to produce the highest quality components when utilising them.

  • High quality component production

  • Flexibility to bend a range of materials and thickness to required bend angle

  • Accuracy to within approximately ±0.5 deg

Crack & crevice free welding

Crack & crevice free welding

this will achieve a crack and crevice free finish, invaluable for parts that will need frequent cleaning.
Precision Cutting

Precision Cutting

High levels of accuracy - holding tolerances to ±0.1mm
Tube and Box Section Cutting

Tube and Box Section Cutting

Cutting of holes/slots or other shapes through 360°
Sheet Cutting

Sheet Cutting

Fast and accurate cutting and profiling of sheet metal to 25mm thick.


Mild Steel




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Laser Cutting

Trumpf L3040 6kw - 4m x 2m

Trumpf L5030 6kw - 3m x 1.5m

Laser Profiling & Rotary Axis



4m x 250 tonnes x 4 axis

4m x 320 tonnes x 6 axis

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Wide range of materials

Maximum lifting capacity of 5 tons