When to Choose TIG Welding

Start writing your If you are undertaking a metal work project there can be a large number of choices to make when considering how to join your metal. There are a number of different methods and techniques that can be utilised, each with their own positives and negatives.

The choice you make is also dependent on the type of metal that you are working with; anything from gold, bronze, copper, aluminium to stainless steel can all be welded with TIG welding, making it a great choice for any projects from bike frames, automotive work to creative art.If you are looking to create a clean, neat and tidy project with joins which are likely to be visible and therefore scrutinised by the human eye, you need a form of welding that stands up to the requirements. TIG welding is a great choice to ensure that the joins on your metal work are extremely neat and accurate. There are various reasons why TIG welding produces such a professional and tidy finish and we will detail them below.

TIG welding is a form of welding that has no smoke or fumes. When working on a clean piece of metal with no contaminates, the welding process on its own is free of the usual smoke and fumes you get with other welding processes. This is also true with sparks or spatter. As long as the metal being welded is clean you can be sure that no sparks are produced. This is a great way to ensure accuracy in welding. The biggest benefit of TIG welding, as mentioned earlier, is the quality finish that is produced. This is because the welding process has no slag to clean after the process and it uses no flux to weld. This means that the weld puddle is always in view and easily controlled.

By utilising a foot pedal in the heating process the weld puddle can be controlled through very accurate heating and cooling. This creates clean and tidy welds when cosmetic appearances of your weld really count.Welding is an art unto itself and if you need your metal work project to look professional you will more than likely need to find a company with the experience to perform the welding task for you. By looking online you can find a whole array of companies that deal with metal work all with a varying range of prices and experience. It is recommended to shop around by utilising search engines on the internet to find the company that most suits you in terms of location, cost and quality of production.

The best manufacturing companies provide details and pictures of previous projects, often providing a portfolio of imagery to see past examples of their work. This can be highly useful to see the quality of welding projects undertaken in the past and to get an idea of the quality of the finished result for your project, before you part with any cash. Often the best examples of manufacturing companies provide a phone in service whereby you can speak with a technical expert to get advice and information before committing to the job you need. By looking online you will find the best services for your project, to the required standard and at the right price.post here. You can insert images and videos by clicking on the icons above.

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