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Mig Welding & Tig Welding

Quality welding to meet the highest of specifications. At Laserfab we hold our Welding to an exceptional standard, and as such have earned the custom of many of our high profile clients in industries ranging from Food and Pharmaceutical to National Defence who require such quality production. Any form of welding can be accommodated and produced by certified products.

We carry a wide range of materials in stock for welding purposes, such as Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, and Duplex / Super Duplex  (see our Materials section). With a highly qualified team of over 30 welders and with overhead lifting capacity of 5 ton, Laserfab has been involved in the fabrication of large and complex welded assemblies.


What are the advantages of choosing Laserfab for your welding needs?

Our team of welders have over 300 years combined experience and have handled a range of projects for the commercial, private and industrial sectors. We offer a reliable service at a reasonable cost with absolutely no compromise in quality.


For past projects please click here for our portfolio.

Whatever your welding needs, Laserfab can offer a solution

Crack & crevice free welding

Crack & crevice free welding

this will achieve a crack and crevice free finish, invaluable for parts that will need frequent cleaning.
Precision Cutting

Precision Cutting

High levels of accuracy - holding tolerances to ±0.1mm
Tube and Box Section Cutting

Tube and Box Section Cutting

Cutting of holes/slots or other shapes through 360°
Sheet Cutting

Sheet Cutting

Fast and accurate cutting and profiling of sheet metal to 25mm thick.




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Laser Cutting

Trumpf L3040 6kw - 4m x 2m

Trumpf L5030 6kw - 3m x 1.5m

Laser Profiling & Rotary Axis



4m x 250 tonnes x 4 axis

4m x 320 tonnes x 6 axis

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Wide range of materials

Maximum lifting capacity of 5 tons